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Correlations 2018

This series tells a story of two planets‭, ‬which wanted to go their own ways‭. ‬Something has happened and the very natural bonds of them broke‭. ‬They had to split and these paintings are the evidence of this very process‭. ‬Like a learn book of what has happened‭, ‬something between scientific‭  ‬and‭  ‬sensational explanation of separation‭. ‬The consequences of tearing something which was meant to be One‭.  ‬

Pantings are made in abstract expressionist style with elements of‭ ‬graffiti art and my own technique of tearing down the paint while wet‭. ‬By creating them‭, ‬I was trying to depict how the energy is working when natural bonds are destroyed‭.‬

Fulll portfolio in .pdf with details and dimensions HERE.