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Urban Leporelo 2022 - 2024

Tomáš Bokor, an academic painter and a native of Šamorín, is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. In his last series of paintings called Extinction, he is devoted to destructive-expressionist work, with which he tries to express himself about current problems, communicates opinions, observations, but also an ordinary human, everyday mood. His works are a composition of thoughts filled with layers that define the observations of the author’s everyday life. The technique, in which, in addition to colors, also uses ordinary plaster, represents a kind of memorial board, which is created and at the same time destroyed by man himself. A similar character can be observed in urban buildings, which form the natural backdrop of urban life. The paintings in this series are loaded with material, “heavy” relief paintings, with fragments of frescoes and graffiti.
The exhibited paintings will also include several works from the author’s latest work, smaller and more airy author’s pieces that form a kind of shift in the author’s artistic plan. The next period will show where this new wind of the author will lead, in any case, they are full of colors, new energy, lightness, play and, unlike the last series, they are no longer about destruction but mainly about play, creativity and creation as such.

Urban Leporelo
31.jún – 1. september 2023 Pop-up at Art Books Coffee Baštová 6/B, Bratislava 81103

Downloadable portfolio with dimensions and details HERE.

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